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We want to know “what kind of shopper are you?”

Richel Newborg
November 20, 2016

It's that time of year again, when shopping takes center stage. There are a number of different types of shoppers and right now, all of them are busy. With the holidays approaching, your are either prepping for family dinners, getting the house holiday-ready or hunting for the perfect gifts. what kind of holiday shopper are you?     Then there is a whole other group of shoppers that are busy getting their lists, lounge chairs and blankets ready for camping out on Black Friday. It's always fun to see what different ways everyone loves to shop. Everyone on our team loves to do shopping before Thanksgiving hits so we don't have to spend the whole weekend tied to the computer. So let's take a little quiz and see what type of shopper you are this holiday season!

Take our short quiz and find out. Then you'll know the in's and out's of your shopping style and be rocking holiday shopping in no time.

Once you've take our quiz, we want to know what type of shopper you are! Share your results with us! What Kind of Shopper are You?

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