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Topps Has the Best Gifts this Year for Father’s Day

Richel Newborg
June 2, 2014


Topps Baseball collage

When I married my husband, I knew I’d married a baseball fan and a collector of baseball cards.It seemed pretty natural that when our two sons reached a certain age they too would become fans.  

Of course, over the years, my husband’s baseball card collection has expanded and become a lot more organized.It had to because now our boys, ages five and seven, are collecting Topps baseball cards, too.

Over the last few months we’ve used Topps baseball card packs as incentives so our boys get their homework done and get good grades.It’s been a great- they can earn an incredible pack of cards each Friday if they have completed all of their homework each week and a bonus pack every time they pass a test. Let’s just say suddenly they have a new found love for homework and test taking!

So when it comes to what to get my husband for Father’s Day this year, it seemed like finding something from Topps would be the perfect gift.  He would enjoy it and (if the boys were lucky) he would share it with his two new co-collectors.

Opening the box Topps

Let’s just say that when Topps sent over two of their Series 1 Archives Collections, the 1988 Dodgers and 1977 New York Yankees, I pretty much knew I had it in the bag this year.He’s told me at least five times since the boxes arrived the story of the 1988 Dodgers and why what they did was so incredible.So, if you have a fan of any of the teams in this collection then it’s a must-have gift. It’s an amazing boxed set that is really nicely put together. 

It speaks of the history of each team and reminds you of the impact that the team and those players made on baseball.  My husband said that his favorite part of the sets were the Topps Wax Packs because they have such awesome photos in them.

Topps Series One Boxes

He also said that taking the Wax Pack off the top and seeing the baseball cap and pennant was really cool. Topps didn’t slack on making them top quality and “really cool”, as he told me.

If you can’t swing the whole Archival Series Box then know that Topps has each of the items for sale individually.According to my boys, this means I can order them Pennants for their rooms.  You can make an awesome gift box of your own with tons of Topps items in your dad or husband's favorite team pretty easily on Topps.Don’t mess around with ordering from the other sites, with Topps you know you are going to get high quality. It's definitely worth the money to serious fans to get the best quality when it comes to these items.

I hope that my boys keep up their love of baseball.Although their favorite teams might change, it’s such a great way for them to connect with their Dad.

Here's their picks for their favorite Topps treasure:

Boys: Series 1 Topps Baseball Cards 2014 (and a Dodgers Pennant)

Dad: Series 1 Archives Collections


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