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Skin Care Guide: 4 Steps to Glowing Skin This Winter

Dustyn Deerman
January 22, 2016

  winter skin care musts Wintertime livin’ isn’t easy on the hair and skin. It's so important to pay attention to your winter skin care routine. It's hard to get glowing skin and silky soft hair with the cold and dry weather outside and warm and dry air inside. You typically end up with dry and brittle split ends and skin that can’t decide whether it wants to break out, produce too much oil, or leave you feeling like too much moisturizer is never enough. What to do? We still have a couple more months of this, so read ahead for some simple tips in the on-going battle with yourself. 

Add a Little Moisture

Showering can be the downfall of the moisture levels in your skin. As much as a piping hot 20 minute shower sounds like the perfect way to get away from the cold temps, it can sap the moisture in your skin and hair. First, limit the shower altogether and keep the hot water down to a more lukewarm temperature.  Second, get your hands on some grapeseed oil. There are tons of benefits to using this stuff, but applying a little to your skin before and/or after showering will help a lot. If you want to take a bath, add some drops before getting in. 

Skin Care Must

Exfoliate and do it pretty often. With the winter weather your skin will go back and forth creating too much oil, not enough, and so on. You’ll need to rid your skin of those layers that are building on one another, trapping bacteria and whatever other grody things exist there. Do this for your feet as well, as they’re especially susceptible to the horrid weather. Opt for a tried and true product like Neutrogena’s Grapefruit Body wash. Affordable and effective!

Don't Forget About Lips and Face

Slather on the Chapstick. Your lips are always going to be the first indicator of dry skin, so take good care of them. Choose a chaptick that has beeswax or lanolin in it. We think the ever-reliable Burt’s Beeswax classic chapstick is the best option. Keep a trusted moisturizer on hand for your face. Sure, putting it on in the morning will do you justice, but as you’re out and about through the day, you’ll want to reapply. With that said, make sure you find one that also has a good SPF in it. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you need to stop paying attention to that. I personally use Olay’s All Day Moisturizer. It is lightweight and SPF 15, and is also quite affordable.

Nourish Your Hair

Now, back to the showering. You’ll want to try to limit how many times you’re washing your hair weekly. On top of that, though, you’ll also want to do a weekly hair treatment. Get a good masque that specifically helps battle dried out hair and use it often. We like Bumble & Bumble’s Hair Masque These are just a few ideas to help get you through the next couple months. They should help though—your summer skin will be happy you made the effort!  

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