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Shop The FTD Holiday Guide And Enter To Win A $100 Gift Card

Richel Newborg
December 3, 2014

FTD   The holidays are so much fun, aren’t they? All of the sparkling lights, festive decor and of course the delicious holiday treats; it’s a little bit of everything that creates that special holiday cheer. That’s why FTD is a great place to shop for gifts, home decor and even a little something special for yourself.

Some people think FTD is all about the flowers, but FTD has a wide (and we mean wide) selection of gifts. In fact, they have SO MANY gifts, you might be able to get all of your holiday shopping done in one sitting. Not sure exactly where to start? We suggest you take their "What’s Your Holiday Shopping Style" quiz and find out. Since no one has the exact same spin on the holidays, this is a great place to find gifts that catch your eye and appeal to your sense of holiday style, all grouped in one spot, just for you.

It is really easy to shop this way. A few of our Chippmunk staffers took the quiz and found that the items presented based on answering a few easy questions were spot-on. I personally got Whimsical and I have to tell you, I could have easily bought everything on the page they suggested. They perfectly fit my ideas for gifting.

When it comes to shopping for the holidays, make it easy on yourself. Running from store to store is so 1990’s. When you shop online and use the tools available it’s like having a personal shopper pull great gifts for you. Plus, add in the fact that FTD wraps and deliver gifts right to your door - say no more!

While surfing FTD make sure to check out these special areas listed below. Why? Because we bet each contains a little discovery you will love.

Wreaths and Decor

Holiday decor is the best. It takes 10 hours to put it up and about 20 to take it down, but it is still worth it. Sending a beautiful holiday wreath is a great way to share holiday cheer with someone. It lasts for weeks, adds to the ambiance of the season, and with a light scent of Nobel Fir, the wreath is a must-have for the front door or the hearth. While you're at it, shop for ornaments, tree toppers and even holiday music boxes.


I always seem to forget the centerpiece for the table, which is why it’s a great idea for me to order one and have it sent to my house. It also is a charming choice as a host or hostess gift. For the holidays FTD has beautiful shades of green, red and white with accents of silver and gold. If you want something that's a little bit more whimsy, there are also snowmen and Santa-inspired centerpieces.

Plants and Trees

Mini Christmas Tree-Check!
Beautifully styled red poinsettias-Check!
Holiday bonsai tree-Check!

There is a something for everyone who loves a green and growing gift, well beyond fresh cut flowers. Many of these plants and trees you can restyle for other holidays or replant and enjoy for years. The red Azalea's really caught my eye as well as the brilliant blue color of the Blue Trellis Orchid Plant.

Holiday Gifts and Collectables

FTD has gift items covered, from soft cuddly teddy bears to cookie jars and everything in between. I have my eye on a chic champagne gift set, complete with champagne flutes and chocolate that is perfect for celebrating the season, or if you have a birthday or other special occasion around the holidays.

Chocolates and Treats

Need we say more? You can order chocolates, cupcakes, lollipops, cookies or chocolate-covered fruit and have it sent straight to the door of someone very lucky. I’ve never heard of anyone turning down chocolate, have you? The vast, delicious selections will get your mouth watering.

Now that you’ve gotten the low down on just how easy gifting is with FTD, what are you waiting for? Shop now and then sit back and enjoy that box of chocolate covered Oreos that you had sent to yourself. (You earned it!)

Who wants to win a $100 gift card from FTD?

  Chippmunk and FTD want you to have a wonderful holiday season, and that is why FTD is going to give TWO (2) lucky Chippmunk fans a $100 gift card each. Now that is going to buy some holiday cheer!

To enter, all you need to do is take the FTD "Holiday Shopping Style Quiz" and then come back and tell us your results and an item from the suggested list of products that you think best fits your shopping style. From all the submitted comments, we will randomly choose two winners. This contest runs from 8:00am Wednesday, December 3, 2014 to Friday, December 12, 2014 at 11:59pm.

Happy Holidays from Chippmunk and FTD!

530 thoughts on “Shop The FTD Holiday Guide And Enter To Win A $100 Gift Card

  1. I got Traditional and out of the suggestions I would say The Red Poinsetta Basketc fits my style because everyone loves them and you can never have to many

  2. I got casual. I loved all the flower arrangements but I could really use the Better Homes and Gardens® Home for the Holidays Gift Set.

  3. I got traditional. The suggested item that is my favorite is the Deck the Halls Everlasting Holiday Wreath. It is gorgeous!

  4. I got whimsical! I love the Chocolate Dip Delights™ Holiday Real Chocolate Covered Cake Pops & Nutter Butter Cookies – look fun and tasty!

  5. This is so me (Whimsical)

    Is your house glittered with snowman, Santa Claus, and more Christmas trees than you can count? Holiday decorations can’t even escape the kitchen or bathrooms! Whimsical is all about being fun for the holidays. It is that time of year you can totally transform your home into a Winter Wonderland.

  6. My style was Whimsical (matches me perfectly!), and I love the The FTD Holiday Delights Bouquet by Better Homes and Gardens.

  7. I got Traditional. I’m in love with the Jane Seymour Silk Botanicals Holiday Classic Magnolia Basket. It’s beautiful.

  8. I’m traditional and one of the suggested items on my list is the Deck the Halls Everlasting Holiday Wreath. It’s beautiful and I can imagine it hanging elegantly from my door to greet my holiday guests.

  9. I got traditional- I love the center piece suggestions! Also I love the wreath- a very cute holiday gift to share with others!

  10. My holiday style quiz results were: Traditional … Classic, elegant, timeless!
    I love winter greens of fir, pine, cedar, pinecones, flowers, bringing the outdoors in, so pretty.

  11. I got Whimsical. I love the Charlie Brown and Snoopy music box. I have a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree I keep up year round and change the ornament for the season.

  12. I got traditional. I’d love the Amaryllis. I grow one every year. The kids love to watch it as it grows up the ruler I use for a stake. They are so beautiful.

  13. I got Traditional and the wreaths across America Military Tribute Pair is what it suggested and perfert for me my husband retired Military and Our Son is now serving so its perfect

  14. I am traditional. I love the Holiday Wine & Godvia basket–it’s absolutely something I would gift to a friend or enjoy receiving.

  15. After taking the quiz, the results show that I am Modern- simple, clean, sophisticated. I completely agree with that assessment. The suggested product that best fits my shopping style would be the Christmas Chic Coxcomb Dried & Preserved.

  16. The quiz said I am “Modern – simple, clean, sophisticated”. Something no one would describe me as!! lol I do love the The FTD® Holiday Peace™ Bouquet by Vera Wang.

  17. I got traditional. It’s a tossup between the Fruitful Tidings Holiday Fruit Basket and the Scenic Snowfall Holiday Gardenia Bonsai. They are both so me.

  18. Traditional Holiday Style is my style. I completely agree with it too! I love centerpieces the one i like the best is Jane Seymour Silk Botanicals Holiday Rose & Ilex Berry Bouquet thanks

  19. I got Traditional, which is dead-on. There were a lot of things that I liked on the product list, but I’d have to say my favorite is the Season’s Greetings Godiva Dark Chocolate 22-Piece Ballotin. Yum!

  20. I got Modern- no surprises there! The suggested gift I liked most is the Good As Gold Luxury Orchid Bouquet. SO gorgeous and contemporary!

  21. I got “Traditional,” and my favorite recommended item would have to be the amazing Scenic Snowfall Holiday Gardenia Bonsai!

  22. Traditional, I Love everything but probably the most is the Christopher Radko ornaments, the fireplace and the the beautiful wreath! Ugh can’t decide,lol!

  23. Unsurprisingly, I came up with “traditional” – the wreath that most appeals to me is the “Holiday Heartsong Magnolia Wreath”

  24. I got traditional, never expected that and would choose the Hickory Farms Here’s To the Holidays

    Best of Luck Everyone!!!!!

  25. My style is traditional (classic, elegant, timeless) according to the quiz. I really like the Fruitful Tidings Holiday Fruit Basket.

  26. I got traditional when I took the FTD quiz and that’s not surprising I like my designs to be warm and cozy I loved every single thing I saw on their site so I don’t quite know how I could pick just one thing. I do like the classic evergreen wreath , so pretty and nostalgic!

  27. I am casual.

    I got The FTD® Christmas Kindness Holiday Bouquet by Better Homes and Gardens® and Hearts Aglow Holiday Centerpiece.

  28. Whimsical<3!!!! THANK YOU SO SO SOOOOOO very much for this amazing, kind, generous, and awesome giveaway! You really know the spirit of giving 🙂 THANK YOU!!!!

  29. My holiday style is Traditional. One item from the suggested list of products is the 22-piece Season’s Greetings Godiva® Dark Chocolate Ballotin.

  30. It says I am traditional, which I think does fit mt personality very well.

    My favorite recommended gift is the Holiday Wine and Godiva Basket. Who doesn’t love chocolate, particularly around the holidays when it is ok to indulge a little bit.

  31. I got Traditonal…Classic Elegant Timeless
    I love the Jane Seymour Silk Botanicals Holiday Sophistication Bouquet they suggested for me.So pretty!

  32. Modern is my style result. I love that I could choose gifts other than flowers like the Lindt Lindor Holiday Tower. That’s my favorite!

  33. My quiz result says I am Tradition which is very accurate. The arrangement that fits my style is the Heart of the Holidays Mixed Bouquet.

    • Hit enter before adding the choice I think suits me.. I would pick the Upon A Midnight Clear Holiday Phalenopsis Plant.

  34. I got Traditional and my fav’s are the Scenic Snowfall Holiday Gardenia Bonsai and the The FTD® Holiday Celebrations® Bouquet

  35. I got Traditional! I love your product!Sweeten the Season Holiday Inspired Ultimate Gift
    Shipped Farm Fresh in a Gift Box
    Sweeten the Season Holiday Inspired Ultimate Gift
    It would be great to have!

  36. My style is casual. I like the Holiday Homecoming Wreath by Better Homes and Gardens® because it has the traditional look that I grew up with.

  37. This quiz had some incredibly difficult choices. Most all of the entries were beautiful, and I found myself liking multiple choices. However, I ended up with Traditional Style. Although I currently live in a warm year round environment, I eventually hope to return to my home town environment where I do have some snow during the winter months; therefore, I do agree that traditional may suit me best. I love the FTD Holiday Celebrations Bouquet. That would make a love centerpiece as part of a welcome table when you invite guests over for the holidays. Combine that with individual Holiday Cards and the Chocolate Dip Delights Fruit Assortment, and what a great way to say “Welcome to my home for the Holidays.”

  38. It says “Traditional”. I can totally agree. I want Christmas for my kids, to look the way it did when I was little. Not too fancy or contemporary, not “perfect” or spotless…. just down home comfortable & happy.

  39. I think traditional is beautiful but changing things up is uplifting itself like looking thru eyes of children. I love anything. thank you for the oppotunity. Merry Christmas!

  40. I’m TRADITIONAL and the piece chosen for me that I like the most is The Celebration of the Season Centerpiece! Gorgeous!

  41. That was a fun & educational look at my style! I am Traditional! I chose the Seasons Holiday Centerpiece! It’s just so lovely! Thank-you!

  42. I got Traditional and think the “Heart of the Holidays Mixed Bouquet” would be a perfect fit for our holiday decorating!

  43. The results were much more interesting than I expected, even though the images were all very Christmas-centric and not very relevant to me on a personal level, just taste. The Upon a Midnight Clear Holiday Phalaenopsis Plant was the result I’d most like to receive, and Holiday Tazo Tea and Dessert gift basket the result I’d most likely give.

  44. my result was “Whimsical”, which is true! i think the Snowman Surprises Holiday Campanula Plant would suit me….i love snowmen and dainty looking plants!

  45. I am traditional. I would pick the Hickory Farms basket and wine to send my Aunt and Uncle in Nevada. They have always been there for me and now we live so far apart. Just to let them know that I am thinking about them and I miss them.

  46. I got Whimsical. Like the Snowfall’s Enchantment Holiday and The Charlie Brown and Snoopy musical decoration.I would really love it if you had an arrangement with penguins, I got one a couple of years ago, my all time favorite.

  47. I am Traditional. I just love the The FTD® Celebrate the Season™ Centerpiece, it would be perfect for my dining room table.

  48. My result was whimsical and it fits perfectly! Ftd also has a Charlie brown and Snoopy musical set with his famous Christmas tree that I just have to have! I love it! I decorate my house every year with a little tree and Charlie Brown theme, it would be the topper to my decor!

  49. I got casual. I like the Holiday Hopes flower arrangement and the Holiday Delights box full of pecans. Thanks for the giveaway. Merry Christmas!

  50. I got Modern, which was a bit surprising. However, I do love the Holiday Glamour Rose and Lily Bouquet, as well as the The FTD® Holiday Elegance™ Bouquet by Vera Wang. Both are stunning!

  51. I got traditional. I think that describes my holiday style. I like the traditional styles but i like to spice them up just a bit to make it my own(:

  52. I got casual…relaxed, friendly and joyful. That is soo me. I really liked The FTD® Let in the Light Holiday Rosemary Tree & Recipe Cards by Better Homes and Gardens®

  53. I’m traditional–and it’s true that I am. Love the The Celebration of the Season™ Centerpiece would be so classy on any table!

  54. Fun quiz – I got Modern. I like how it’s described as simple, clean, sophisticated. The Upon a Midnight Clear Holiday Phalaenopsis Plant is beautiful.

  55. My style is traditional, and I like the Happy Holidays Godiva® Gold Ballotin and The Seasons Glow™ Centerpiece. The wine gifts are nice too! Very difficult to choose just one.

  56. My quiz results say my holiday style is MODERN (simple, clean, sophisticated) ~ and while I think i my taste and shopping style might be more of a mixed-bag eclectic/eccentic ~ I do love a number of their suggestions, including the “Holiday Elegance Bouquet” by Vera Wang and the The FTD® Sugarplum Chic Holiday Calla Lily Plant by Better Homes and Gardens®

    Thank you (and FTD) so very much for this thoughtful and VERY generous giveaway. With all best wishes to you and yours, always & allways. Oh, and remember to:

    Be VERY Merry… : – )

  57. my results say I’m traditional which is a wonderful way to describe my sometimes silly but always making it as homey as the rest of my house

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