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The Print You Need to Wear This Summer

Eli Byrd
June 3, 2014

the hottest print this summer!

I am being totally honest when I say that pineapple is my favorite fruit. It is delightfully sweet, beautiful in color, fun in appearance, and utterly delicious (especially when hot off a grill. Seriously, try it!. ) And now they can be found on a plethora of dresses, tops, two piece sets, pants… you get it. Pineapples have become THE pattern for this summer, and I can’t get enough of them.

Get any of the looks above right here:

21 MENS Pineapple Print Tee,$13 FOREVER21.COM | United Couture Pineapple Weed Sugar Dolls Dress $98 NASTYGAL.COM | TOPSHOP Pineapple Print Bikini, $68 TOPSHOP.COM | Black Pineapple Print Shorts $25 NEWLOOK.COM | FOREVER 21+ PLUS SIZES Pineapple Frenzy 5-Panel Cap, $8.80 FOREVER21.COM | Pineapple - pineapple stud earrings - fruit earrings - pineapple studs, $9 ETSY.COM

I’m seeing this pop up everywhere, and in a whole variety of color and style. You have the more traditional look of pineapple, like in the Forever 21 t-shirt. You can wear something like that with most things; if you want to go casual, throw on some cute high-waisted shorts and sandals, or you can dress it up a little with a cute skater skirt and a blazer (why not?). Be sure you size down with this one, however-this shirt is actually a men’s.

You can find funkier pineapple patters like the dress found at Nasty Gal. If you look closely, there are actually tiny weeds along with the pineapples. This is a really fun dress to wear during the summer, maybe to your favorite concert coming up. The TopShop bikini also has a funky and fun pattern—you won’t want to pass up wearing this to the beach or pool.

Simpler patterns like the one found on the adorable shorts from New Look are super versatile and make a great statement piece to add to the wardrobe. You can mix and match patterns with these shorts, or opt for a more basic top to accent the shorts. Have fun with these!

You can’t forget about the accessories, and clearly designers out there didn’t either. Snap backs are huge this summer, and Forever 21 has the cutest pineapple print cap. The light pink is a perfect background for the bright colors of the fruit. You’ll love this hat for the whole summer. And don’t forget the adorable earrings you can find on Etsy. They’re totally dainty but make for a perfect statement piece, especially if you’re going a little more basic with your outfit. 

There are so many other fun pineapple patterns out there, and I can only assume there’s going to be more coming out soon. You’ll definitely catch me munching pineapple this summer while adorned in the fruit.  

So think you'll try this trend out?


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