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Pet coupons we love

Olivia Russak
May 17, 2013

Pet Coupons One of the best things about Chippmunk is that I can scan our pet coupons to see where I can save the most money. As much as I love my dog, his treats, food and accessories sure do add up. I try to save where I can!   We have some ridiculously awesome pet coupons today - from your favorite stores like Barkbox, Petsmart, Petco,, BaxterBoo and more : I'll review a few of my faves to show you just how awesome these deals are.   Fluffy needs a new harness and I haven't seen cuter ones than this one from BaxterBoo. With 20% off plus Free Shipping over orders of $49, it hurts a big less to replace his current one.   I've been in love this bed from Wag for a while and it's going to look great in my living room while being super comfy for my furry best friend. Wag is offering 25% off your first order plus free shipping on $49, saving me almost $25.   I saw that Petflow is having a sale, with some items up to 80% off. I'm adding these Zukes dental bones from Petflow to my cart as we speak. You're limited to 10 each, so I'll get 10 of each of the three flavors - yum! They're 66% off - $1.99 down from $5.99. Ridiculous, right? On top of that, there's a $6 off $50 coupon plus free shipping on orders over $49. The total comes to just $53.70. My dog loves these and don't care how much I saved, but it definitely helps the pocketbook.

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