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Pack Your Picnic: Picnic Must-Haves

Amelia Mularz
May 21, 2015

pack your picnic

  The season is here for al fresco dining and what better way to celebrate than planning a picnic? Here, we’ve rounded up all of this year’s must-have gear for a fabulous feast in the great outdoors.

  1. The basket: Picnic Time Heart Picnic Basket, $112,

  These days there are plenty of ways to schlep your meal, including totes and camping backpacks. But we still prefer the classic basket (call us traditionalists). This heart-shaped version is primed for a romantic afternoon. It even comes with two hand-blown wine glasses and a cheese board.

  2. The blanket: Multicolor Stripe Cotton Picnic Blanket, $25,

  Getting up close and personal with nature doesn’t mean you have to get itchy. A cotton blanket is the perfect covering to distance you from grass and creepy crawlers. This one comes with a carrying handle for extra ease in transport.

  3. The on-the-go grub: Set of 6 Starburst Blue Food Boxes, $13,

  Here’s the stylish alternative to Tupperware or old plastic take-out containers. These doggy bags have a starburst pattern and a water-resistant wax lining so they won’t get soggy and fall apart. Fill them with personal-sized helpings of pasta salad or mixed fruit.

  4. The bevies: Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit, $20,

  A pitcher? Boring. A punch bowl? Nah. A cored watermelon is this summer’s hit way to serve drinks. Use the kit to scoop out the innards and create a tap, then serve your favorite beverage in an eye-catching dispenser.


  5. The drink flair: Pink Flamingo Cocktail Stirrers, $9 for 24,

  Invite everybody’s favorite lawn ornament to your outdoor soiree. These plastic cocktail stirrers make for festive additions to summer favorites like mojitos or margaritas.

  6. The grill: Terracotta Pig Grill, $25,

  This oinker is lightweight and compact, plus it’s made of terracotta clay for top-notch heat retention. Sure, it’s small so you won’t be able to grill steaks for 20 on it (unless you’ve got the time), but for a handful of friends and some shrimp or hot dogs it’s perfect.

  7. The tunes: Roberts Radio Revival Radio, $220,

  Crank up your summer jams with this portable radio. It runs off batteries and can be connected to your iPhone, so you don’t have to rely solely on AM and FM. Plus, its vintage style will look fashionable on any blanket.

  8. The entertainment: Frisbee Malibu Disk, $4,

  No batteries and no assembly required – the Frisbee is about as low maintenance as toys come, but it never gets old. The Malibu series features old-school Hawaiian designs, such as a surfer, shades and a tiki man. Radical!

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