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Old Navy’s $1 Flip-Flop Sale Is Happening Tomorrow

Richel Newborg
June 24, 2016

Old Navy $1 flip flops Brace yourselves Chippmunk fans! Old Navy's annual summer $1 flip-flop sale is back for just one day (Saturday June 25th) and it's going to be one hot sale. If you're not familiar with the annual sale, here's how it works: Once a year, Old Navy marks down its solid-colored flip-flops in stores and online from about $4 to just one buck per pair. Old Navy's brick-and-mortar doors will open at 7 a.m. — a full two hours earlier than normal just for this sale! But you can get them online even earlier! Before you start calculating exactly how many flip flop sandals you can snag just know there is a cap for how many flip-flops you can walk away with. The limit is 10 pairs per customer but hey, we know our creative shoppers will be using friends and family to help them maximize their hauls!

If you don't think dollar flip-flops are a compelling enough reason to shop, you might just be wrong. The stores are CRAZY when it comes to this sale and after the first summer of this sale, the Chippmunk staff decided to shop online only for this blow out. It's sort of like the Black Friday sale of Summer Flip Flops! While your online filling your cart with sandals, make sure you stock your cart with all the other amazing summer clothing they have on sale right now too! Oh and don't forget your $4 Fourth of July t-Shirt!  They are always a fave this time of year! Also they are having an amazingly wonderful sale on shorts, shirts and capri pants so make sure you shop smart! Old Navy Sale There's going to be so much up for grabs that you might want to plan to get up extra early on Saturday so you can shop! Don't forget to tag us in your pics of your amazing hauls!  We would love to share them on Instagram or Facebook!

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