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Holiday Travel Survival Guide

Amelia Mularz
December 10, 2015

  Holidy Travel It’s the most wonderful time of the year. There’s security lines, gate changes, delays, cancellations, icy roads…ahhh! OK, take a breath. It’s possible to still make the season merry, even if you have to travel 2,000 miles in the process. Keep these five tips in mind and usher in the New Year with your sanity intact.

1. Take an early flight. Yes, heading to the airport at the crack of dawn is the pits; we feel your pain. However, a morning flight could save you from an even greater evil: A delayed flight. There’s a ripple effect throughout the day, and delays, caused by bad weather or mechanical issues, can wreak havoc on late departures. Also, taking off early may mean less traffic on your ride to the airport and shorter security lines. A pre-breakfast flight is your new best friend.

2. Know your apps. Pop quiz: Your flight has been cancelled and you’re stranded at the airport. What’s your go-to app? Candy Crush? Words with Friends? Wrong. Consider AirHelp, which will help you get your money back, and Kayak, which will get you on another plane. GateGuru will help you track flights, plus tell you about the best airport eateries. Traveling by car? Download Honk for help with minor emergencies like a tire change or jump-start.

3. Stay active on the go. Sure, you’re off work for a week and a large portion of your meals will consist of cocktail franks and sugar cookies. But that doesn’t mean you should let every good habit fall to the wayside. Try to sneak in 30-minute workouts when you can. A brisk jog or a quick yoga session will energize you, not to mention make you feel less guilty about all that eggnog. Consider packing a travel yoga mat, like the Manduka eKO SuperLite. It’s foldable and lightweight, so it won’t take up valuable suitcase space.

4. Avoid a certain three-letter word. The flu. You thought your winter break would be filled with ice-skating, toboggan runs and endless mugs of hot cocoa by a fire. But then BAM! This pesky virus comes along to spoil all the fun. Well, not this year. First, run- don’t walk- to your closest Walgreens, Rite Aid or local drugstore and get a flu shot. Then, pack some preventative goods for the road. ProBoost packets will help stimulate your immune system and knock out any bug within 24 hours. You should also keep some Emergen-C handy for a major dose of vitamin C. Last but definitely not least, stay hydrated. Find yourself a good water bottle, like this stainless steel number in a chevron print from Pharmaca, and keep the H20 flowing.

5. Bring the right luggage. Santa has his sleigh, and we have duffels and roller bags for transporting all our goodies. Whether you’re feeling generous and have loads of presents to bring with you, or you’re hoping for a big haul to bring back (hey, you’ve been good this year!), the smart way to deal with fluctuating luggage loads is to pack a collapsible bag. The Lightweight Duffel from Brookstone can handle all your treats, and then it folds up into a small storage pouch when not needed.


Happy Holidays from Everyone at Chippmunk!


40 thoughts on “Holiday Travel Survival Guide

  1. I had no idea about AirHelp, but I’m going to tell my mom and sister. Both are frequent fliers and both have had issues when their flights have been cancelled or severely delayed. Good to know there is an app that was designed to help travelers like that!

    And I’m downloading Honk for myself. 😉

  2. I always dose up on emergen-c when I fly and also make sure you bring a water container past security to fill when you get through.

  3. I would choose the stainless steel bottle from Pharmaca. My family has only been on one vacation, but we could have really used a bottle like that for water while we were outside all day.

  4. I’m a big fan of Emergen-C. I take it when I travel, and when I stay at home. I work with kids and need to keep my immune system strong!

  5. The Lightweight Duffel from Brookstone seems like a perfect solution for having extra a capacity in either direction on a trip

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