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4 Gifts for Your Favorite Yogi

Holly Williford
January 14, 2015

Gifts for Your Favorite Yogi   Do you have that one friend who seems to always be talking about yoga even if they are not doing yoga? There are lots and lots of yoga products out there, but it can be hard to decide on the most om-worthy gift to get for that yogi friend. Here are some great finds that would be a perfect match for their Zen, yogi-like lifestyle. These gifts are a slice of perfection for your favorite yogi.

For the Fashionable Yogi 

Anyone who has tried to shop for a yoga friend before knows the super hippie fashion trends actually have a diverse amount of choices. It can be difficult to sort through all of the different styles and trends to find the right style for a friend. For that reason, we thought it would be best to keep things simple and clean. This is a beautiful necklace from Ylang23 called the double heart OM charm is just stunning.

If that's not in your budget here is a beautiful Sterling Silver Celtic Yoga Om Symbol Pendant Necklace.  It's on an 18" chain and is perfect for your fashionista yogi BFF.

For the Green Yogi

If you have a yogi who is also enviro-friendly then can pick out a gift that meets both of those interests. We like the idea of the Twisted Seam Leggings from Yoga Hyde as a gift idea. These stylish leggings offer the perfect mix or durability and comfort that are needed from a solid pair of yoga leggings. Also, they are made from 92% organic cotton, so that no pesticides or chemicals were used to create the material of these leggings. These leggings are available in multiple colors, so you can choose which ever shade you think matches your friends style and personality.


For the Yogi Who Loves Interior Décor

  Buying someone a decoration for their home can be tricky, so make sure that you are uber familiar with their taste before splurging for yoga-related decorations. This tasteful “Om” symbol wall plaque, the Yak & Yeti Tibetan Om Wall Plaque from the Yoga Outlet, we thought had natural enough colors and designs that it would fit into just about any home. The plaque is carved from wood, and it is crafted in Nepal. This will add a little bit of Zen to anyone’s home.

We also love this statue to accent your yoga area or even your favorite room in the house. It's not only beautiful, the colors make it stand out in any room. It's a wonderful conversation piece and a spark of inspiration.  

For the Yogi Who Loves to Journal

  Having a beautiful journal to write down thoughts, dreams and goals each day can be both a form of therapy and a way to create clarity.  It's something more than just a note book but a special item, just for you that shows character and can inspire you.  A journal makes a great gift. This beautiful patchwork journal from the Yoga Outlet would be a joy to write in each day for your favorite Yogi.

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