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Get Spooky-Home Decor with Ghoulish Charm

Richel Newborg
October 3, 2014

I'm a huge fan of the holidays. I love to decorate, bake and craft my little heart out. I celebrate the holiday streak from October to January 1st, but I especially enjoy Halloween. Although the house doesn't look like the Disneyland Haunted Mansion all month long, I like to have spooky touches leading up to the spookiest night of the year.

Here are my favorite places to shop this time of year.  They have some of the best supplies, decorations and baking goods around. If you shop smart, you can save a ton of money and best of all, after a couple of years, you'll have a full collection of ghoulish goods for this time of year.

Pottery Barn Picture

Pottery Barn Goes All Out

I think I dream in Pottery Barn decor when it comes to may holiday daydreams. Halloween is one holiday they do so well. I loved this post on their blog on planning the perfect Halloween Party. There are tons of ideas and everyone of them would be a huge hit. Take your time and really look at the details, because I know I got so much inspiration in them. They've got a ton of holiday items to choose from; keep it simple with tea lights and owls or go full out with a spooky-themed treat and drink table.

  Craft store  

Grab General Decor at Hobby Lobby or Michael's Craft Stores

There are a ton of basic supplies you can use to accent your holiday decor. Streamers, ribbon, Styrofoam pumpkins and printed fabrics are in abundance at both stores. One of the great things is they regularly host 30%-50% off starting in September for these items. If you love to craft or plan to host a party then you will need to hit one of these craft stores.

You'll want to check out the regular product aisles for saving on items to use as well. Ribbon branded with a Halloween logo might be only 20% off, but the same color branded with regular packaging might be 50% off. This was a little trick I learned last Christmas. Look for items to turn into creepy features like floral urns, silk flowers and even Christmas decor (those clear glass ornaments make great pumpkins).

If you are one of those people that truly love crafting, Hobby Lobby and Michael's are perfect places to get everything to make your Halloween Tree.


Holiday Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel Has Simple But Spooky Touches

If you want something a bit more modern and clean check out the Halloween section at Crate and Barrel.  This store has pieces that will take me from Halloween to Thanksgiving, which helps me save a ton of money. For instance, the grouping from Crate and Barrel in the photo above is made more spooky with spiders, rats and even some Halloween inspired bottles with labels like "Eye of Newt".  Then when it comes time for Halloween to transition into Thanksgiving, just remove the Ghoulish gear and add in a few turkeys.

Using items that pull double duty keeps decorating simple and cost effective. If you really want to go the extra mile choose colors like red and purple for your Halloween decorating palette and then you can transition those pieces all the way to Christmas. It's easy to decorate for Halloween when you think a little bit out of the box. A mix of traditional, spooky charm and fresh ideas will put your decor over the top. Share picture of your decorated home with us!  Send pictures to and we might feature them in an up coming piece.


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