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Functional & Fashionable: Don’t Go to the Gym Without These

Richel Newborg
June 18, 2015


Once upon a time, clothing wasn't about making a statement. The only purpose it served was to cover our bodies when going out in public. It took a while but fashion and how you looked and what you wore slowly became a symbol and a statement.

Flash forward to modern days and everything seems to make a statement. Even something that functional as working out at the gym!  It's no longer acceptable to look like your in high school gym class when you are at the gym. That means that you don’t need to look like you’re not in style just because you are wearing workout clothes or fancy therapeutic socks.

Want to know more? Below are some awesome trends that are stylish and good for the body:

Victoria's Secret

Working Out In Style (fit is the new sexy)

Work out wear has never been sexier.  If you are going to sweat you might as well look amazing doing it!  Everyone from Victoria's Secret to Target has work out gear that not only shows some skin but lifts and supports you in all the right ways. It not only helps you look good but feel good too and that's half the battle of getting your booty to the gym right?

Check out our top picks:





Fashion Forward Gadgets (motivation for workin’ on your fitness)

The FitBit is something that fitness experts are going gaga over all over the world. It allows users to track their steps, calories burned, heart rate and more. Perfect for anyone that loves fitness and cares about their health. Plus it's sort of a trendy statement for sure these days.

Nike SHoes  

Cute Kicks (you must have great shoes)

Sports shoes, like tennis shoes, have been living by the motto of fashion and function for a long time now, look at Nike. You can find more than just cool shoes if you take a little time to research your fashionable functional clothing needs.   So, how are you going to up your workout game?  

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