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Fall Fun with Your Pet

Kaitlin Jenkins
September 23, 2015

Fall Fun with Your Pet
Do you welcome the Fall season with open arms, or do you hold onto every last drop of summer? Regardless of your personal feelings on the changing of seasons, we're willing to bet your pets are excited about the change!
The fall brings out a whole host of new sights, sounds, and smells for our pups to enjoy. From the crunching of leaves, to the cooler temperatures outside, and the foggy mornings to be seen. Our pets can help us enjoy the best that each season has to offer.
Fall is an ideal time to get outdoors and explore with your dog. The cooler temperatures allow your dog to keep up with you on a hike, or enjoy a full day outdoors without the fear of heat exhaustion in the summer, or severe chill or frostbite in the winter. The changing of leaves provide a beautiful backdrop to take in with your best friend by your side.
Some ideas of ways to enjoy the outdoors with your dog:

Take a hike

Your dog will love taking in the scenery. Have them wear a doggie backpack to carry all of their own essentials. Your dog (and, our guess, you!) will enjoy fresh air and a little exercise. Check your city or town for local hiking trails and get out and enjoy nature.

Go camping

Check out these awesome pet beds to keep your dog comfy and cozy all night. You can generally get a camping site for just a few bucks if you are sleeping in a tent. Check out the prices at local National Parks in your area for great deals.

Take a walk

Choose the long route for a good workout, and a long leash will bring your dog maximum enjoyment. Walk around the block or take your dog to the local park for a walk (and a change of scenery). Walking is great exercise, especially for older dogs who might have trouble with hiking trails.

Row a boat

Be sure your dog has a life jacket, and the two of you can take to the water. Experience things from a whole new perspective. You can rent a boat for the day for just a few dollars but safety does come first. Normally boat rental will not offer safety equipment for pets. Boating with your pet can be an exciting adventure!  Rent a canoe, a kayak or a small row boat.
Is Fall your favorite season? How do you and your dog enjoy the Fall weather together?

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