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DIY: Minion Halloween Costume

October 5, 2015

Who would have thought that a movie about three orphan girls, evil villains and a bunch of minions would become so popular? Despicable Me 2 was one of the more popular PG movies that came out this summer, and if you have not already seen it, I suggest you do! Take your children!   Inspired by The Minions Movie, we have developed a DIY Halloween Costume Idea for you! With the help of Chippmunk, you will be able to save a lot of money from creating the costume yourself, instead of buying an already pre-made one from a Halloween store. Minions costume    

All you need to make this costume is:

A pain yellow sweatshirt from Hobby Lobby or Michael's Craft Store

A pair of cut off overalls like these from

A minions hat from Claire's A pair of yellow tights (we found them for cheap on Amazon. With a couple tweaks to this outfit (like adding the Gru logo to the overalls and pairing this all together with black shoes), your child is ready to be a minion! OR YOU! Steve-Carell-My-son-wants-a-minion  

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