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Chance’s First BarkBox

Samira Mahjoub Tapia
February 11, 2014

February 2014 Barkbox Review
Look at that face. Pure and utter joy. Absolute enthrallment with his new treats. Looking at his face, you wouldn't think that this boy was on death row at a California animal shelter just a mere month ago. Meet Chance, as in "second chance". He's a 1 year old husky mix puppy and he's my foster dog. And he absolutely loved his BarkBox.
Chance loves his February 2014 Barkbox
This month, the Chippmunk gang enjoyed thinkDog! Louisiana Alligator Jerky treats, a Wigzi stuff 'n THROW filled with stuff 'n CRUNCH Cheddar Bacon biscuits (a Barkbox exclusive flavor, yum!), and Grandma Bowser's Country Oven Bisquits in Peanut Butter flavor. I spoil my fosters, who are very much part of our family until we find their own forever families. Many come from high kill shelters in the area because their previous owners moved, decided a dog was more work than they are ready for or for various other circumstances that are no fault of these pups. Fostering a dog gives them more time to find their new families.
Some of our fosters are adoption ready and some learn about life from our pack and myself. Some have to learn to eat out of a bowl instead of off the floor, some have to learn to sleep on the soft cushy bed I give them instead of hard concrete but most of them already know how to love and be loved. It's a privilege to share this time with them and see their eyes as they experience so many delightful things for the first time. Thanks to BarkBox, who donates 10% of their proceeds to rescues, we can see their joy as they tentatively sniff and then dig into treats that are yummy beyond their wildest imaginations!
Chances wants more Barkbox
Chance was just incredulous at how amazing the contents of this magical box are. The ball! It comes filled with FOOD! Oh my dog! Seriously? Treats AND a ball? This is the best day EVER, says Chance. And these treats have alligator? I have no idea what that is, he says, but it's the yummiest! And those crunchy country biscuits? Grandma Bowser is an awesome cook! You'll have to excuse his many exclamation points, he was quite the excited pup! I loved seeing the expression on his face with each new introduction. I could see the same expression on my own dogs' faces, who are a bit more jaded after many years being spoiled themselves. It's not easy to surprise them and this month's box definitely did!
All of the items have been tested and enjoyed by BarkBox's head product tester Scout. Scout obviously has great taste because each and every item has been a hit with my dogs! Scout and his folks are as picky as we are about making sure the treats are safe and healthy : no rawhide, no wheat, no filler and everything is sourced from the US or Canada. I'm delighted every time I turn around the packages to read the ingredients and the pups are even more delighted when I give them the green light to start chomping! As you can see, every item was a hit and Chance even impatiently decided to carry off some of the treats since foster dad was taking too long.
Barkbox, you've once again earned two paws up from the Chippmunk canine crew, including Chili who reviewed last month's box! In fact, I see six paws up as all three office pups stare at me, wondering when March starts and their next BarkBox arrives. Looking to give BarkBox a chance (sorry, I couldn't help the pun)? BarkBox is giving any Chippmunk reader $5 off a new subscription with this coupon. It's the perfect Valentine to your pet, all year long!
February 2014 Barkbox
*All opinions are that of Chance, Frosti and Chili, the Chippmunk canine staffers. The BarkBox was provided to them but all opinions and reactions are obviously genuine and their own. You cannot fool these pups, they know delicious and fun when they see it. Chance was saved from Moreno Valley Animal Services and is available for adoption through Two Dog Farms rescue, who provides everything you need to foster a dog. He is being fostered in the Los Angeles area. Chippmunk enthusiastically supports animal rescue.
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