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How to Build a Better Easter Basket

Richel Newborg
April 3, 2014

Build a Better Easter Basket   A while back I decided that it was worth the money to buy slightly better sweets for Easter.  Now I realize that this might not be budget friendly for some but if you would like to build a better Easter basket, then don't be afraid to feature one "sweet" that's great quality and then get small fillers to round out your Easter treats.   Here are some wonderful sweets, some you can buy already grouped in Easter Basket fashion to help you save time but don't forget that many of the items in the featured baskets can also be bought individually!  As always don't forget to include a bunny in your basket it symbolizes the season and well, they are just plain cute!   These also make great hostess gifts so if you are heading to a friends house for brunch or dinner, you might want to think of one of these as a great holiday surprise! Make sure you scroll down to the bottom for our See's Easter Giveaway!  

See's Candy Easter Collection, See's Candy, $16

  This collection is budget friendly and of course the quality of See's Chocolates and Candies is wonderful! This collection features both chocolate eggs and a bag of  jelly beans.  It would be a great addition to anyone's basket!  Don't forget to grab a couple of See's famous lollipops to round out your basket! See's is offering Free Shipping through 4/10 so make sure to grab your coupon here before you head over.  

Godiva Exclusive Hopsy the Bunny by Gund,, $25

  This bunny is so cute!  Hopsy comes with a bag of Godiva Easter eggs in dark chocolate ganache, raspberry ganache, milk chocolate and almond butter.  If you think kids won't like these think again! My kids love Godiva chocolate and they are all under 8 years old!  

See's Easter Treasure Egg, See's Candy, $10

  This is so cute and I can personally tell you that when my kids saw this they told me they hoped that the Easter Bunny would get one for them this year!  Filled with assorted chocolates and See's treats, I highly recommend it for Easter treat giving!  If you are a grandparent that has grandchildren that live far away, remember that See's ships and this the perfect gift!  

William's Sonoma Steiff Rabbit, William's Sonoma, $70

  I know it's a bit of a splurge but this Steiff Rabbit is just to cute!  Steiff is know for their Really cute teddy bears but this bunny might be just to cute to pass up!  

Godiva Easter Cheer Basket,, $45

This basket is filled with some many amazing treats!  It's large enough that you could use it to fill a couple of Easter Baskets!  I just love the little chocolate Easter eggs!  They are to die for!   We want to make sure that you have something sweet for yourself this Easter!  We are so happy that See's Candy has given us four of their wonderful See's Candy Easter Collections to give to four lucky Chippmunk fans!  The giveaway ends 4/10/2014 at 11:59pm so make sure you enter!  Winners will be selected and post on 4/11/2014.   Congratulations to our winners! Dawn Rowley- She loves Cadbury Eggs! Michelle Ness Arana- Milk Chocolate Bunny! Madelyn - said she loves anything milk chocolate and caramel! Linda Heng -said she loves Godiva Chocolate! Winners can contact us at     To enter all you have to do is tell us what is one of your favorite Easter treats and why you picked that sweet!   Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram so that you get all the latest deals, giveaways and content from Chippmunk!    

126 thoughts on “How to Build a Better Easter Basket

  1. I adore dark chocolate but milk chocolate is almost my favorite too. Creamy, rich, delicious chocolate just screams Easter Basket delight!

  2. The William’s Sonoma Steiff Rabbit, William’s Sonoma is my favorite. I love sweets and since I can’t eat that one I will enjoy looking at it on my bed each day. My kids raised rabbits so I have a fondness of the stuffed bunnies too! Happy Easter!

  3. See’s, Godiva, Ghirardelli, German, Austrian, Swiss, Belgian – any of these chocolates will do for Easter treats! Nothing better than a creamy chocolate for great mouth feel and taste.

  4. See’s Chocolate Butter Egg with Pecans looks amazing.
    I really like the little marshmallow bunnies. I know they’re pure sugar, but I still love them.

    Ps. Is this open to Canada?

  5. Anything chocolate, marshmallow and caramel…easter is my favorite time for candy…yum!
    Thank you for the chance 🙂

  6. I would pick Godiva’s Hopsy the Bunny chocolate. That bunny would not survive to see the next day.
    I do love some Belgian chocolate. Haven’t had that for awhile 🙂

  7. The Godiva dark chocolate mint is my favorite, but if anyone wants to buy me any kind of chocolate I would not complain!

  8. I love black licorice jelly beans because they remind me of my childhood Easter baskets, which always had plenty of jelly beans in them!

  9. Hi! My favorite Easter treat is the Egg shaped Reese’s! I just bought two last night. I followed on FB & Pinterest – Natalie Carlson Brown. Thank-you!

  10. I would love the Godiva Truffle Crème Egg Assortment, Sees Dark Chocolate patties and something with peanut butter in it, I follow on Pinterest. and signed up for email

  11. See’s Bordeaux chocolate egg is my favorite, so smooth, rich and creamy. See’s candy never tastes sugary, everything is blended so perfectly together.

  12. i love the easter egg shaped reeces because reeces are my favorite candy and the easter ones are a great size

  13. My favorite is the small chocolate eggs. They are just the right size to pop in your mouth for a quick chocolate fix.

  14. My favorite Easter basket treats are Robin Eggs not only are the candy coated malt balls delicious but when we were little the pastel candy shell made a nice lipstick! Memories…LOL

  15. Mine would have to be marshmallow covered eggs.but then again I love anything chocolate 🙂 Happy Easter!!

  16. I love milk chocolate eggs, they remind of my childhood and are just so darn delicious I have to stop myself from raiding my kids Easter baskets ( which is why I always buy a little extra for myself ) 🙂

  17. Anything chocolate and egg shaped. I used to love those foil covered eggs from Fanny Farmers back in the day. Favorite nowadays is the Russell Stover cream eggs (especially the new white chocolate wedding cake one).

  18. A must have for me is a hollow milk chocolate bunny. There’s nothing like trying to decide where to start eating.

  19. My favorite Easter treat is a milk chocolate bunny from Fannie May. I love them because my Grandma used to buy them for me when I was a little girl and they were always in my Easter basket. Now I buy them for my daughter and I still love them!

  20. I love anything peanut butter or caramel.I cant stand jelly beans im the only one in my family that wont eat them.

  21. Any and ALL chocolate! Big fan of sweets 🙂 My favorite has to be Godiva hands down it’s something about the rich flavor and texture when it melts in your mouth. Mmmm!

  22. I always loved getting a chocolate Easter basket from Gorant candies that hadn’t my name on it in frosting. It was filled with meltaways.

  23. I love Cadbury mini eggs and anything with chocolate and peanut butter. Oh and dark chocolate; I’m pretty happy as long as there’s chocolate.

  24. I love See’s carmel’s and their carmel wrapped marshmallows. Their Easter egg – rocky road and divinity are also a tradition in our home.

  25. I’m a huge fan of black jelly beans – but my son really loves anything with chocolate and peanut butter. LOL He wants a large chocolate bunny but wants it to be solid – not hollow … haven’t found one of those yet!

  26. See’s Chocolate Butter egg with Pecans.
    Anything chocolate and marshmallows and caramels,
    is my husband and daughters.

  27. Any marshmallow covered in chocolate or chocolate caramels, can’t go wrong! 🙂 But I love how excited my little one gets over jelly beans!

  28. I love the Cadbury eggs. It has the flavor of milk chocolate and gooiness. I love to take a bit and let it melt in my mouth.

  29. I look forward to getting my yearly fill of all that I shouldn’t eat, Solid or hollow milk chocolate bunnies are my favorite followed by a sickening sweet Cad berry bunny egg !!!!!

  30. My favorite Easter Treat is Cadbury Mini Eggs. They are so addictive! Like m&m’s on crack. The candy shell is crunchier and the chocolate is yummier.

  31. I look forward to a delicious chocolate bunny every Easter. My parents always gave me one from a young child until I got married and then my husband continues tradition. We have been doing the same for our daughters.

  32. My favorite Easter treat is a peep chick and in more recent years, the chocolate covered Peep 🙂 I picked Peeps because they have been around since I was little and waiting for the Easter Bunny at my house :))

  33. The Easter Cheer Basket. My family loves anything covered in dark chocolate even peeps. There’s plenty to go around with this one.

  34. I love the peanut butter eggs and the solid milk or dark chocolate bunnies,especially since I gave up chocolate for Lent Can’t wait to eat chocolate again.

  35. Put fun things in the basket your child would enjoy for activities during spring break. Such as side walk chalk, squirt guns, bubble bottles, books, dvds, gas money, star bucks gift card, chick fi la gift cards, stuffed bunnies, i tunes cards, playing cards, uno, suduko, play dough, bath products, cosmetics, coloring books,paints, krafts to do, etc….

  36. I like the See’s butter cream egg with pecans,anything chocolate with marshmallows and carmel is good for my husband and daughter.
    I entered before but do not see my entry.
    Thanks for the giveaway.(hopin’ I’m in)

  37. Orange chocolate, I love it! It reminds me of when I was little and my aunt made a real nice Easter egg hunt for my brother and I, we each “won” a big orange chocolate bunny, I loved it instantly , more than anything else, from then on, it was true love!!!!

  38. My favorite is a pretty good sized egg, covered in a delectable chocolate, with a buttery-cream chocolate truffle filling with a lovely texture, where you’ll find small chunks of cherries throughout. My name is written in a joyful cursive handwriting with thinly, but not too thin, piped frosting, The Easter bunny used to leave this for me every year all growing up, and then he just stopped as soon as we moved from California. I wish I knew where to get these now!!!

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