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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Survival Guide : Shop Online – Updated!

Samira Mahjoub Tapia
November 17, 2015

Black Friday 2013 Guide

You've probably seen the pledge floating around news media and Facebook urging folks to stay home on Thanksgiving and pledge not to shop. We wholeheartedly support this pledge and agree that the employees should be with their families. We're taking this one step further and urging folks to shop online this Thanksgiving weekend.

Avoid the insanity. Standing in line for deals is soooo 2009, ya'll. Stay home, put on your jammies, crack open that laptop and get ready to save.

We're keeping track of the upcoming sales and while we can't divulge exact specifics yet until they're released publicly (The stores have sworn us to secrecy), we'll give you hints on when to stay tuned. Let's just say: Thanksgiving Weekend will be great! You'll see some of the best deals of year over these four days.

Some hints on surviving Black Friday while still getting the best upcoming deals:

1. Stay home and shop online.

For Pete's sake, stay home and avoid the madness. Make a list of everything you're looking for. Shopping online avoids the adrenaline rush that causes you to come home with stuff you only purchased because it was cheap.

2. Stay tuned after the Turkey:

For those dedicated to saving, Black Friday is their version of Christmas. Post-turkey shopping can be fun but stressful, especially since the best deals tend to start at midnight or very very early. Be sure to keep an eye out for coupons and deals that post after 7 pm PST.
Online sales start at: Many retailers miss the boat when they wait until after Thanksgiving dinner to shop online.  Most deals this year are actually starting at 12:01am on Thursday. Yep, that's right. So if you stay up late, you can prep for the next day and grab deals.

3. Shop this early this week

A lot of sales are already going on now. Retailers are antsy about meeting their financial goals, so stores are getting a jump on the holiday by releasing great sales this week.

Every good deal hunter knows that the deals are easier to get the two weeks before Thanksgiving.
Don't waste time getting dressed and rushing to the store to score once-a-year deals. You can enjoy all of the sales from the comfort of your bed and there is no need to risk getting trampled. Online shopping is a safer alternative and you'll still get the adrenaline rush of saving. Check back often, we're releasing deals as we get them!

Cyber Monday may even be better than Black Friday!

Don't forget the shopping continues after the weekend ends. Our top Cyber Monday tips:

1. Make sure you check sites at midnight on Sunday

- Cyber Monday sometimes starts at the stroke of midnight!   Some retailers have said deals may go live on Sunday night after 9pm!  

2. Set up an account on that site ahead of time

This means to make the most of the moment by having your credit card info and shopping info loaded into your account.  If you are shopping at Sephora, Ulta, or other stores that have rewards cards, make sure that card information is already loaded and accepted in the program.

3. Bring up the pages with your most coveted products at least 10 minutes ahead of time.

Refresh as you get close to the launch date, so that you can add to cart as soon as possible. Popular products will sell out FAST! Especially electronics. Always we ready to shop!

4. Check out as soon as you've added all the top items you want

Just know some stores will sell out of stuff that's already in your cart. Don't be brokenhearted, so move fast.There is no time to start browsing now!  Get what you wanted quickly and check out. Them you can go back after you've done that check out and shop again.

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