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Atticus the Certified Therapy Dog with BarkBox

Samira Mahjoub Tapia
February 21, 2014

Certified Therapy Dog reviews BarkBox
  Meet Atticus. Atticus is a certified therapy dog and Chili's colleague at BARK Therapy Dogs. They sometimes hit up the same libraries to read with kids. Atticus's Dad also volunteers at the animal shelter that I frequent for my rescue volunteer work, so we often see cutie Atticus around. He is both an ambassador for his breed and for therapy dogs, spreading smiles wherever he goes. Chili suggested it would be great to get Atticus's opinion on a BarkBox this month!  
Atticus with his paw on the BarkBox
  Let's learn more about Atticus, what he does and what he loved about the BarkBox. He doesn't seem quite ready to give up that yummy BarkBox yet, as you can tell!  

Let's ask Marcos, Atticus' dad about how they met:

"Atticus and I met on a late Saturday morning in September 2011. I found him resting on the sidewalk, tired from running through traffic on the busy boulevard. I sat on the sidewalk and called him over to me. He was a little shy at first. When he finally decided to approach me, he made a low warble/howl like sound and curled up in my lap. We've been together ever since. "  
Atticus poses with the BarkBox This face says : I love my BarkBox. If you try to steal it, I'm making you read 5 more pages...

How did you and Atticus get involved in Therapy Dog work?

"As a volunteer with Downtown Dog Rescue, Lori Weise encouraged me to look into having Atticus become a therapy dog because of his calm demeanor. BARK Therapy Dogs is who she directed me to. Atticus passed his CGC test in June 2012. Since then, Atticus goes with me just about everywhere that he is allowed. I believe his constant socialization and exposure to different environments played a strong roll in Atticus passing the test to become a therapy dog. Of course, being the big lover that he is helped a lot, too. "  
Atticus was WOW'd by his BARKBOX Atticus seems wowed by this month's BarkBox contents...

Ok, Atticus, what is your favorite part of being a Therapy Dog?

"I love children and giving them kisses is my favorite part!"  
Atticus looks into the BarkBox

You look like you're really enjoying that BarkBox, what was your favorite part?

"I loved the treats! I liked the Sprong velvety squeak toy, but I really loved Happy Howie's all natural sausage treats!"  
Atticus enjoying his BarkBox snacks!
  Notice the drool on the can definitely tell he likes it! The contents of his box were a little different than Chance's, and that's part of the fun of the surprise! Both boxes had yummy quality items, and a great toy!  
Atticus happy with this BarkBox
  Atticus wants to thank BarkBox for their super yummy box. He definitely gave it two paws up! He also appreciates that 10% of proceeds goes to support rescue groups! Check out our latest deals for BarkBox, imagine your own pups face as you open the box! You can click here and use code BARKTHERAPY to save $5 on your first BarkBox and have $15 donated to BARK Therapy dogs!  
Atticus reading with little girls
  BARK is an all-volunteer program that encourages children to increase their reading skills and self-confidence by reading aloud to certified therapy dogs. See more pictures of Atticus on the job (and of his buddy Chili) on the BARK Therapy Dogs Facebook page. Also find out more about having your own calm, CGC-tested pup join the program!  
Atticus with Reading Glasses
  Images courtesy of Atticus' dad Marcos Saldaña. BARK Therapy Dogs images used with permission.   See Chance and Chili's BarkBox reviews: Chili - We all Bark for BarkBox Chance - Chance's First BarkBox

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