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5 Reasons You Need to Shop NOW for the Holidays

Richel Newborg
November 4, 2016

All the hype is always focused on Black Friday but a recent report shows that the deals are much better BEFORE Black Friday then over the traditional post Thanksgiving shopping days. Often, retailers use Black Friday to clear out as much merchandise as they can and create demand for popular items like toys and electronics. So that you are prepared to get the best deals possible, here are 5 reasons you need to shop now for the holidays. FORGET

1. Deals are already being offered

In case you've missed it, major retailers like Target, Macy's, and Walmart are already offering coupons and savings. The Target cartwheel app is already offering coupons like 20% off some of the hottest toys of the season. Plus most of them are offering great shipping deals too. Don't underestimate these deals happening right now.

2. Some items are so hot, they'll be hard to find in 4 weeks

If you're child has their heart set on one of the hot toys for the year, you can't wait until mid-December to snag it. You'll either find that it is not going to go on sale again or that you simply can't find it. It's advised that you buy those types of must-haves now. Use coupons and cash back credit cards to off-set the price.

3. High end brands like Apple, don't go on sale on Black Friday

Have you ever noticed that the Black Friday deals don't ever feature really big names unless they are at discount or outlet type stores already. If there is an offer, the savings won't be nearly as good. If you have your heart set on a new iPhone, check other retailers that sell those products. Don't both heading to the Apple store, you'll find that it's mainly people just trying to grab things before they go out of stock.

4. The hot toys are not going to be on sale

All those hot toys? They are on sale now. Don't see them on sale now? That means they are so hot that they will more than likely go on sale during pre-Black Friday events. It's a tricky little thing called supply and demand. Retailers want those toys to be in low numbers so you buy other things (usually that are more expensive) because you know someone has their heart set on it.

5. Online deals are live right now and they are great!

If your looking for toys, check out the big book of awesomeness from Toys R Us. Their pre-Black Friday deals end November 19. Target Cartwheel app is a must have this holiday season.   So what's on your shopping list?

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