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5 Best Places to Shop For Your Dorm Room

Richel Newborg
August 11, 2016

The start of another school year is here, but before you dust off your shower shoes and try to give your "study area" a once over, consider giving your dorm style a makeover. Transformative tapestries and pretty headboards are just a few of the little things you c can do to make the confines of those four cinderblock walls feel a little more stylish. Keep reading to discover the seven places you should go for back-to-school decor shopping and best of all these are all really budget friendly! ModCloth
Golly we love ModCloth. Seriously, they have some amazing things for the home and they really are not budget busters! With beautiful tapestries in lot's of colors and styles they are perfect for transforming plain cinderblock walls and spaces guaranteed to garner compliments. We love ModCloth's funky home decor is perfect for the student who wants to stand out in the crowd and express their own style and flair.   Etsy Dorm
  Never underestimate the power of Etsy. Honestly, if we can't find a gift, accessory or style inspiration, head there. From inspirational phrases to your sorority letters in custom colors, you can find your perfect piece of art on Etsy. Plus many times you find cute school supplies and accent pieces that cost far less than they would in the store. wayfair dorm Wayfair   Not only do they have a huge selection of home goods, they have great shipping deals. So if you need bedding, a cut chair or storage pieces, check here. They also have a really great dorm room kit that gives you tons of stuff you'll need right when you get there. Make sure you take a look at their dorm room specific bedding sets too!   PB teen bedding PBTeen   We know that it is geared to teens but honestly, their stuff is so cute and stylish you can't help but love it!  Look at their study spaces section because there is tons of inspiration there. We love the "Junk Gypsy" collection! Ikea dorm room
Ikea is designed to be affordable, multifunctional, and small-space friendly, so you can't pass it up when you realize Ikea is basically perfect for dorm living. And if you're not sure what you actually need, check out their shopping list tool that spells it all out for you which is a huge time saver in our book. If you have small budget you can honestly outfit a whole dorm room for $100.

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